Logilase 9060 80 watt?

Hello all
brand new to the laser world
bought and old 2010 logilase 9060 80watt laser machine
how would I know if light burn will work with it?

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You can consult this resource to identify if the controller is one that LightBurn supports:

We can also go by the name of the software that it comes with, if you know it.

i have a leetro dsp the board says v2.0and the chips says v4.1.2.3.
what ever that means

Leetro is not supported in LightBurn.

of course it is not i had a Chinese laser it was not supported in lightburn sold it
now it is supported (it had a top wisdom controller witch they now support) now that i no longer have the machine and i bought this one once again in the same boat …
is there anything i can do ?
the screen is smaller that the one i had on the redsail laser

Short of replacing the controller, no. We do add new controllers from time to time but it is a task that is tedious and time consuming. There’s already a listing on our requested feature tracker and I recommend you add your vote there: https://lightburn.fider.io/posts/110/leetro-control-compatibility
That helps us prioritize new features, such as controller support.

I have a Logilase 9060 myself. I took out the unsupported controller and replaced it with a Ruida 6442. The hardest part was configuring the controller settings, the hardware swap was very easy.

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