Logilase 9060 can't read the file

Hello, people!
1 question WHello! I made a design in Illustrator

. But I can’t upload it to the machine. I made different extensions of files. I was told that dxf. But it seems that it’s to much information for the machine to understand :smiley: Is there any way to save the file so it could be uploaded for engraving?
2 quest. I would like to know what version of illustrator is better to save as. Maybe there is some kind of driver that I can upgrade so it would see the file. Please help!

Just now I saw Lightburn software. I assume that my type of laser have the built in software by manufacture

Lightburn can Import the following formats

Is this the reason you are stuck?

so if the software that the manufacturer has installed on Logilase 9060 can’t open the file. I can install Lightburn
and it will open the file.

It’s unclear what you’re trying to do. LightBurn does not support the controller normally usedin the Logilase 9060.

Right now I assume you’re not doing any of this in LightBurn correct? So you’ve attempted to somehow send the file to the laser directly? How are you doing this?

And what are you hoping from this LightBurn forum? Trying to figure out how/where we can help.

I am trying to understand what options do I have to make the file read on the machine. I want to burn high difficulty designs in the future. SO I am looking for options. I read here that controller could be changed. And afterward, if the light burn could open the files I would use it.

If you download the trial version of LightBurn you could try importing this yourself, or you can post the original file here and someone can try importing it to see how it works.

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