Logitech camera not working in V1.1.01

I borrowed a USB web cam from a friend just to see how the feature works before ordering the Lightburn camera. Lightburn sees the camera, and I can click on it, but the “Next” button never lights up so I can select it. The camera is generally working in Windows. I can select it from the drop down menu in the camera control window.

Can I assume that you’re trying to run the Camera calibration?

If so, make sure that you have given LightBurn permission to the camera in Windows privacy settings. You may need to also provide Microphone permissions.

Restart LightBurn and retest. If you are using a USB hub remove it and plugin directly. Try different ports USB ports. USB3 preferable to USB2.

If that doesn’t work, try changing the “Camera Capture System” in LB Settings to “Default Capture System”.

Thank you very much, it was the microphone that was causing the issue. I turned it on, restarted Lightburn and it is working now. Rick

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