Logo with greyscale

Can anyone help me with the settings för this logo.
I don`t know how to get the grey part burned

For SVG objects ( not images) Increase the line spacing and/or reduce the power setting. I also like to change scan angle to heighten the difference between colors. Some things odd, like 37 degrees.

To make an image into SVG, right click and select TRACE command.

Here is a way to do it with just black fill

You can process it as an image and use Greyscale as your image type. If this is your first image, then you are in for a learning experience. Images are the most difficult thing you can do with a laser, except maybe marking seashells, so do not get discouraged.

Here is a video link that may help:

Here is a page of very useful links:

And finally, this link gets posted a LOT in the forum:

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Thx RalphU that helped. I’ve alredy made one.
you guys are fantastic
What would i do without you…

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I experimented with a vector engraving using different settings for the various shades. My test was on wood.


Why is it I do not think of the simple things that are so useful? Three-tone burns, I love it!