Long story but i think ive really messed up

e[0;31mE (40519) gpio: gpio_isr_handler_remove(480): GPIO isr service is not installed, call gpio_install_isr_service() firste[0m


Yep, that’s an interesting one. I’ve done this.

The GPIO isr service is used by the controller to move the motors and to watch switches. If it’s not there the controller has probably lost it’s Firmware.

I’m guessing you were updating firmware and something went wrong.

The good news is that you’ve received that message.
It’s talking!.. So, it’s not yet ‘Bricked’, and…
If you got it into that state, It also listened, I don’t think this is terribly far from resolution.

If this is the Creality Falcon 10W, then you may be able to rescue this by reflashing the factory firmware, most often available on the manufacturer’s website.

Is the TF card still in the slot on the engraver from a previous attempt at a firmware update?

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