Longer ray 5 20 watt hard limit

I bought a LongerRay 5 20 watt I set it up in Light burn and when i turn the machine on a screen pops up saying Hard Limit why

The why is most often in the message.
You’ll see messages from your Laser engraver in the Console window in LightBurn.

The limit switch is triggered or in an active state.

Occasionally this is caused by EMF or Static electricity.
The switches could be hooked up wrong. The engraver may have loose fasteners and the engrave head can’t move away the switch.

We’ll need to know a lot more about when this happens and what lead up to it.

Please capture screen images with a screen capture tool like this:

It seems like my Lightburn software is not setup right Because if I Home the machine buy it’s self Then it’s ok .But if I turn on Lightburn and the laser is in a different location then it does it

Ok, when you’re connected in LightBurn, open the Move window and set Distance to 20mm and speed to 1000 mm/minute.

(make sure it’s minutes… we don’t want 1000 mm/sec which is 60,000 mm/minute)

Test the compass point arrows around the house on the left of that window. if they move correctly the origin is selected correctly, If they do not move correctly, we can move the origin to fix this. it should also fix the unexpected homing behavior.

I need to know if the up/down arrows are reversed…
or if the left/right arrows are reversed.
or if both are reversed.

I did that they are working correctly

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Does LightBurn Home in the same direction as your LongerRay?

Did you move the Origin to fix it?

Yes it homes the same way What happens is if the head is stopped at the start point of a project and I plug my laptop into the laser it automatically homes into the front left but it say hard limit when it goes too the left

If you start the engraver and home it, then plug in the laptop, and in LightBurn, IF the Laptop is calling for the Laser engraver to begin homing, and IF the Hard Limit trips right away, I’d presume that the limit switches are present and correct and they tripped as expected.

It may be a matter of adjusting a workspace offset.

In the Console window in LightBurn please type the following requests for reports:

Press Enter after each one. Sorry, copying and pasting all 5 commands doesn’t generate the reports. Please Scroll back in the Console window to the First report and Select and copy the text for the Five reports (requested above), and paste them into a reply here.

This should tell us ‘everything’. :slight_smile:

This is probably where we’re going next:

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