Longer Ray 5 20W connect air assist

Hello i just bought a longer ray 5 20w but i would like to connect an air assist pump( aquarium pump) to it.
Can anybody help me with some explanation how to connect it to the controller and lightburn so i goes automatic on and of?

Hi Peter, I have the same laser with air assist. From what I have read and understand the Ray5 laser does not have a relay to turn the pump on or off. What I do (and there is probably a better way!), I make a box around the project and have the laser set for 6000mm/m and 5 passes, 2% power. I do the engraving portion first pump off, my 6000mm/m 5 pass next, flip the pump back on, then cut layers. Engravings on 3mm wood tend to scorch.

Inconvenient, I know, but works until I figure out the Advanced cut settings on Lightburn.

It looks like it is a MKS DLC32 board clone. Check if there is an I2C port labled on the board. If yes, it might be easy to add a relay. Check this page for the wiring: Relay Control - Diode Laser Wiki (DLC32 section).

The easiest way is to check whether you can toggle the SCL pin using M8 and M9 in the console.

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