Longer Ray 5 Dead laser module?

Hi everyone!
Been using my Longer Ray 5 10w for about a month now… It has been working just fine until today when all of a sudden the laser wont fire.

When i start a engrave / cut in Light burn everything works as it should except for the laser that won’t fire, the blue LED on top of the laser module is lit up like it always does when the laser is activated.
It doesn’t matter if i try to activate the laser from Light burn via my Thinkpad or if i try to activate it from the touchscreen on the laser itself, still no output.

Any ideas? Are my laser module smoked? If so, Why?


You have the red power light and the blue PWM light and they stay on and bright I would suspect the laser.

Any idea why?. Havent used it that much, and most of the time i’ve been cuting acrylic and done some wood engravings. Never been running it at 100% power…

Following because I have the same isdues. I’m beyond frustrated i’ve barely made anything with this.

Maybe this is a common issue with the Ray5’s?! :thinking:

Bought mine from Amazon, been trying to contact the seller but no response yet…

I bought mine diretly from longer, I have not reached out to them yet , I was trying to see if i could figure out the issue first.

ok, i’ve been in contact with them and it seems like they have a pretty generous warranty policy, you should try to contact them…