Longer Ray 5 laser engraver - poor motion in one direction

Hey guys! I have a similar issue as that mentioned by KaKah, though I’m not sure it’s the same problem. I just got a new Longer Ray5 and recently purchased Lightburn to use with it. However, the files I’ve created through Lightburn only seem to frame and engrave in a straight line. The reason I feel it may be a different problem (and not a swapped/broken motor issue) is that I have successfully run files that came with the engraver, as well as a couple downloaded off the internet, which makes me think the motors are fine. Is there a setting in Lightburn that could be causing this? Do I maybe have something set up incorrectly?

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I had to google it. The Longer website shows it as an ESP-32 (32 bit) device. I downloaded the Users Manual and it appears to be a grbl device and ships with LaserGRBL.

With LightBurn up, running and connected, Open the Console window in LightBurn and type the following:
then press enter.

Please copy and paste that report into a reply here. Copying all the way back to the start-up or welcome message (when the engraver first connects to LightBurn) will show us the version of grbl being used by the engraver. That could be helpful too.

It’s my assumption that the factory settings in the controller are good and the x axis speed and y axis speed will be the same. When moving in the Y direction there is more mass to move (than with the x direction) so it’ll respond worse in the Y direction to high speeds and accelerations. If that’s where the challenge is it’s important to look at the Machine settings (this report). I’m less inclined to think it’s strictly mechanical because it worked with (again - i’m assuming) LaserGRBL.

Also, I’m going to move this to it’s own thread because it’s not a Sculpfun and there’s no need to add a second troubleshooting journey to this one.

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