Longer Ray5 10W flame protection triggered

I have your laser, am using the honeycomb, air assist, and Lightburn on a Mac. I was able to print & cut the test file via USB with no problem. I have also cut and engraved a few smaller projects as I was familiarizing myself with my new hobby (last weekend). Today, I cant seem to able to do anything because when I select framing, the laser flame protection is triggered even though I haven’t even begun cutting!

It just beeps and beeps and I have to shut the laser off and go through the frustrating steps of re-positioning it to the origin point manually because I had to shut it off to stop the beeping, then select the correct USB driver again.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

There is a setting to reduce the sensitivity of the flame sensor.
In the Console window in LightBurn please type the following
then press enter.

Retest and let us know if you’re up and running again.

I found it here:


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