Longer ray5 10W repeat accuracy

When engraving I’m finding that if during the engrave the laser moves across the object being engraved (size 300mm x 300mm) away from its current position and then returns to where it ws its re-positioning is off by about 1-2 mm . Is there a way to correct this eithor through a mechanical fix of through Lightburn?

The G-Code sent to the machine specifies the coordinates of each move, so when the machine does not go to that physical location it’s a mechanical problem known as “backlash”.

Go through the checks & tweaks:

Those are for Sculpfun lasers, but you’ll recognize the parts and, given a hint of where to look, you’ll find a loose setscrew, an overtightened guide wheel, a sloppy belt, or a similar problem.

The key is to be painstaking, because a single loose setscrew hidden in a pulley is enough to cause the problem: getting everything else right isn’t quite enough!

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Thank you. The mechanical adjustment guide is just what I needed!!!


This single sentence sums it up perfectly :slight_smile: I took the freedom to put a quote on the guide page :wink: (If you don’t want that, I will remove it, of course)

The more folks read it there, maybe the less we must say it here! :man_shrugging:

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