Longer RAY5 10watt is no longer marking

It sounds like the same problem I have kind of I posted something earler today , not sure how to find my post it would be easer and quicker for me if I could get an email responce from someone , I have a longer ray 5 10watt if someone has one of them i could relate easer my laser wont light up , i get a blue light that comes on but not the white laser light it wont even mark on paper I use a sd card for engraving and have projects on it that I have used when it worked but wont work now running lightburn , any help would be appreciated thank you

Hi Ed,

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Your laser wavelength is 450nm, which is a blue light but if you are looking at it through the proper amber safety lens it may look white.

Please start with this troubleshooting video:

Common Diode Laser Issues & How to Troubleshoot Them - Weak Laser Output

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