Looking at this machine

So what are the good and the bad with this machine, im trying to stay around the 2k mark so any suggestions about this machine or a similar one post away.


I have the yellow/black version and it has been a workhorse.
The only issue has been the power supply. I have been through two in a year. The first I had to pay for since they only had a 90 day warranty. $115.00. Second one was still under warranty and was replaced. First PS failure was not obvious but the second one had the high voltage wire short to a capacitor in the power supply. I have not had any issues since.


In the software box it says, “RDWorks V8, PowerCut, …”

Those two are not compatible with each other, so it might mean that you’re getting a JQ controller (PowerCut) instead of a Ruida. I would check with the seller, and get it in writing.

I just want it to work with light burn i use your program 99% of the time. So ask if its Ruida contorller?

Yes you need to verify the controller.

I found this one also show in the description that it is Control system: TROCEN

Got a message back they said its a Ruida control

This is the yellow and black 60watt machine that I bought. The power supply fan started to make noise on start up and they promptly sent a whole new supply instead of just the fan.

So far I am very happy with it.


What controller would you recommend TROCEN or Ruida?

I personally have two machines with the Ruida controllers (A 6442, and a 6445) and love them. I have never used a Trocen controller so I can’t offer you a comparison for Trocen, but I am sure someone else will chime in.


So i did order this one im pretty sure i will be asking a hundred questions when i go to set it up for lightburn. https://www.ebay.com/itm/252318712307?ul_noapp=true