Looking for a Camera!

I want to add a camera to my 700x500 80w and not sure what one I need the 160,140,120 degree?

You’re missing half the needed information - how far from the bed of the laser will the camera be mounted? With that number, we can help you pick.

Read here to see where we recommend mounting:

Then just below that here to see how to choose one:

By the picture looks to me like there is not one for my bed size? mine is 700x500


That’s an image that I posted after entering someone else’s machine size. In LightBurn, on your own computer, go to Help > Camera Selection Help and it will use the size of the laser you have selected to show you a custom version of that table.

Ahh ok I see now, it says 700x500 27.6x19.7 Aspect Ration: 1.400 does that mean 140degrees?

No - it is not telling you the exact camera to buy, it’s telling you how high above the bed of the laser each camera would need to be mounted to see all of it. (Minimum mounting height)

Any camera could work for any machine, if you were to mount it at the correct height. The different lenses just change how high above the bed the camera mounts, so you try to find one that needs about 2" (50mm) less than the height of where you plan to mount it.

Re-read the links I sent above - it does walk you through this.

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