Looking for a few new beta testers

The next release of LightBurn is coming up, and it’s a fairly large one, so I’d like to get a few more users kicking the tires before I release it to the public.

If you would like to try it, send me a PM, along with the kind of laser & controller you have, the OS you use, and what you primarily do with the software. This doesn’t need to be an essay, just a rough idea, like “image engraving”, “cutting simple designs”, “full production in a garment factory”, or similar.

Be aware that beta versions are not always as well tested as the public release, so save your work often, though I do try very hard to make sure they’re stable before giving them to others.


As an FYI, if you are still so new here you can’t send a PM, you can respond here as well.

I am using for engraving image and some cutting.Use win 10 with Arduino Uno +cnc V3 grbl.I am happy to test new things


New (happy) user ready to test if needed.

Config: EleksMaker A3 Pro 5500 - Mana SE - GRBL 0.9i - Windows 10 x64
Developer and system admin I know how to backup and debug :o)
French user, ready too, to help to for translation (Many terms are missing in french Windows version: ie, Edit -> Edition, Cancel -> Annuler, Redo -> Refaire, Select All -> Sélectionner tout etc)

Very good program, the best of all the ones I’ve tried. Above all, it has a logical functioning that is not often found.
(I have 10 days left on the trial. I think I’m going to buy)


Cutting on a smoothieboard 100watt ‘chop’ laser, and both cutting and engraving on a ruida 40watter, KH-5030 specifically.

Is it possible to install beta versions seperately to the main program, or will upgrading to the beta hose the old install? Ideally it would be preferable to have the old available independantly in case a showstopping bug is encountered.

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I am happy to put myself forward, i am a totally new user and on my first week of using LB, I am happy to take a look and see it from a new users point of view. I also only use Mac. My laser is an Endurance 8.5 watt plus model running grbl 1.1f. The fact that I have at last found a piece of software that will run on my mac and will run on my laser is fantastic for me. Today I discovered the camera function and what it can do and am totally blown away by this. I could run both versions side by side on two identical macbooks as i have several MBP’s. If you need me to help just let me know. either way I will be buying you license once the trial ends, i am so happy your software works in the mac enviroment as i never thought i would be able to run the laser on my Mac and really i did not want to go back to Windows after saying good bye 30 years ago!