Looking for a Living hinge program

Does anyone know where i can find a living hinge Free program.




Dave thank you.

I snagged one for a small notebook for her in 1/8". Did a larger cook book and just copied and pasted to expand since it was the same radius. Both came out nice. Really surprised me the flexibility of Premium MDF in a live hinge compared to the solid sheet stiffness.

I have a stupid question…
I went to the site but never did figure out how to download the file without all the other garbage. Please enlighten me. lol

That’s ok, I have developed answers for the stupid:

I tend to use the ‘download’ buttons, when on offer.

It’s been a while, and it looks different than I remember it.

The one I remember you gave it dimensions. I’d just pick a design, then copy and paste to add on for the dimension you need. I’ll look to see if I have another one bookmarked somewhere.

Just found this one, give it a shot.

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Here is another. Adjust the speed and power to your liking.Living_Hinge.lbrn (457.9 KB)

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I do remember back awhile some one posted a program where you input your dimensions and what kind of hinge you want. But for the life of me i cant find it. The ones you posted will also work for my needs.


I’ve messed about with Acrylic and was successful in creating a cylindrical shape out of 3mm acrylic. I’ll post a pic when I’m on my other system.

There is quite a science to the design. I was astounded with the variety of patterns in the included link.

Rudy, I know the one you mean, and i could swear I bookmarked it. But then again with some of the oddball names that come up on bookmarks I could be looking right at it and not realize it. Will scan through them again and post a link if I come across something.

I clicked that button, I do know that much.LOL The site took me to an advertisement for vpn.

I will try again tomorrow.

You are going to think I flipped out… None of the files would download for me. I even registered my e-mail. One of them told me the site was questionable another came up as a blank page. Others wouldn’t download.


At least yours worked!

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Go to boxes with flex


Look under the section “Boxes with Flex”:


Edit. Lol. Looks like I was a couple of hours late to the answer and completely overlooked @Dave01’s post.

I’ve had this bookmarked since @LightBurn suggested it (almost two years now I guess… wow).


Thats it.
Thank you.

I don’t use Inkscape, But I’m pretty sure there’s an add-on for living hinges

FWIW, hinges aren’t very hard to draw up from scratch. Look at a few to see how they’re made and make good use of “duplicate” and “array” features and it’s super simple.

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