Looking for advice on installing a camera

Hi all
Just joined after buying a nearly new Ruida controlled Chinese m/c from a guy going out of business.
I am fairly experienced in CNC. Have now purchased LB and found it is quite similar to aspire.
It seems logical to fit a camera. Distance from bed 1110mm to 1060mm depending where on door curve camera will be placed. Obviously the dimensions would increase if bed is lowered for work on anything really thick or boxes etc. What degree lens would i need to cover the bed. if clarity is a problem what would be the recommended bed area size
As I’m UK based and given the draconian import/customs/VAT charges we now endure are there any UK stockists of the range of Lightburn camera’s and housings. Are there any viable alternatives if not.
PS. Just thought bed size is 1400 x 900mm. Laser is 130Watt

To assist with the camera choice question, we provide a tool to help. Look to ‘Help’→’Camera Selection Help’.

We also provide documentation that should helpful: Using a Camera - LightBurn Software Documentation

We do have stocking resellers based in the UK, but they have to deal with similar import/customs/VAT charges. There are camera options that do not come directly from LightBurn.

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