Looking for best setting for cutting paper?

I’m looking for some tips and best settings for cutting paper stuff, like cardboard, wedding invitations. I use Lightburn and 10 Watt diode laser. I did some tests but I could hardly get not smoked cut . I mean, I tried to use only 40 % of power and speed 800 mm/m but there are little burned corners or smoked dust on paper. Maybe someone has experience with this kind of cutting ? Thanks


The honest answer is that there is no one seeing that does all. The cutting is affected not only by the power and speed you use but also on the density of the paper or card and, and here’s where you may disbelieve me, the colour!
All surfaces reflect to some degree. Some colours more than others with white being pretty good at reflecting all colours. If you have a blue diode as most are, then blue (and shades into purple) will also be difficult.

Also, your Z setting is mighty important. You know that you can focus the beam at almost any height of Z, right? But each Z will have different properties in terms of the effect it has on power etc.

My wee laser works best with the lens 20mm from the platten then I adjust for the thickness of the piece.
I focus the beam on the surface. Most papers will cut well if you keep the speed high enough. (in reality with small diodes your not going to get above1000 of your cutting.
Watch the acceleration settings to if its burning your corners is usually cos the machine shows down when it changes direction but keeps the power up. You can adjust this on lightburn.

For me, for clean paper cutting I don’t want to do more than one pass (too much blowing and movement of cut bits to allow it). I try to avoid the colours that reflect and go as fast as possible to still cut. I rarely turn the power down unless I’m doing multiple passes.
Lots in there… Hope it helps!

Get a Rotatrim Mastercut 24" or larger. Buy once and buy right. Mine is rather old and still cuts perfectly. !

Check this paper cutter those are really good for paper cutting.

The best thìnk that in order to get a truly clean cut is to have air assist. Even if you have to turn it down…trust that that theair assist will much improve your cuts…