Looking for help to remove lines in a picture

Does anyone know why these 2 lines are showing up in the lasered material, but not on the screen? This is a pic on ceramic tile. Having the same issue on acrylic and wood with this file too.
Lonnie card pic on Ceramic Tile.lbrn2 (190.5 KB)

Not sure why but I suspect it’s related to the flood fill that you have setup in combination with the cross hatch. Take a look at this point in the Preview. It pretty much aligns perfectly to your lines.

It’s hard to tell from your photo but are those lines where the horizontal pass did not reach? If so, this would match my theory.

The question then is why. Was the job aborted prematurely? This was one of the last steps of the job so if it didn’t completely finish it would fit the scenario. Seems odd that it would have occurred multiple times for you though.

As a workaround you could remediate by not doing flood fill or not doing cross hatch. In general, I don’t like flood fill for anything that requires a seamless consistent engraving since jumping around can cause very slight deviations in engraving alignment and consistency. Cross-hatch is more an aesthetic choice. I’d suggest moving to a traditional fill first and seeing if that addresses it.

Thanks for the help…again.This is that file you made the offset for me. I put it thru some processing on imagr, so I think thats what messed it up. I will just use the file you made for me instead. I honestly don’t see any difference with that other sites processing. Thanks again for your help.