Looking for more information

I have googled this but I’m not getting what I’m looking for.
I’m looking for a complete grbl chart explaining the different values.
My new laser has $values all the way up to $393
But anything that I find on google only goes to $132

Any parameters beyond $132 will be unique, because they’re created by whoever tweaked / extended the basic GRBL firmware to run on a specific CNC / laser machine.

If Xcarve (or whoever wrote the code for your laser) doesn’t publicly document what they’ve done, then you’re pretty much out of luck: those parameters won’t appear anywhere else.

Worse, I’d expect any two GRBL-based controllers to have overlapping and perhaps conflicting parameters, depending on which GRBL / tweaked variant it forked from. Finding doc for a different controller firmware variant might give you completely wrong definitions for the hardware you have on your desk.

In theory, you should be able to get the source code for the firmware and puzzle it out on your own, because GRBL-derived firmware should have a GPL license ensuring the source remains available for that very purpose.

Good hunting …

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