Looking for some clarification for using Kerf Offsets

Looking for advice on cutting out a square part with accurate outer dimensions and then have holes within this square part that are also accurate dimensions.

Do I have to use two different settings? One with Kerf Offset outside for the outer square perimeter and then a different setting with Kerf offset inside for the holes within the square?

I am going to test this, but I will be wasting some material figuring it out…

LightBurn automatically figures out outside / inside as long as the shapes are closed.

If you set the kerf to something silly you can see it in the preview (the dotted one is kerf’d 1mm inward):

Notice that the holes are kerf’d in the opposite direction to the outline of the shape.

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Good to know! I did not see this in the manual?

This would be a good edition for next revision of the manual to mention it.

It is a little confusing since it has an outward and inward setting (if you make it negative or positive)


Inward means “into the shape”, and Outward means “away from the shape”. If the shape has a hole, like the image above it picks the appropriate direction for the hole. Otherwise you would need holes on their own layers with identical settings just to get the kerf correct, and that’s not unnecessarily complicated.

It is documented, but could be expanded a bit: https://github.com/LightBurnSoftware/Documentation/blob/master/Operations.md#other-settings

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