Looking for some help. in Florida

Looking for some help aligning mirrors on a new laser. Is there anyone in the state of Florida on the east coast around the Port Saint Lucie area. I have tried and just cant get the beam aligned.
Should of bought stock in masking tape it goes fast.:slight_smile:


Iโ€™m on the east coast, but a hundred fifty miles away, a greater distance than my old-timey EV can travel on a single charge. I have a laser pointer configured for reverse alignment checking that works well for figuring out the bugs, making the forward alignment much easier. Not an answer, obviously.

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Thanks for the reply.

@fred_dot_u, what a smart idea!

Chris Locascio from Legacy Lazer is in Land Oโ€™ Lakes - I have no idea how far that is from you, but he knows what heโ€™s doing and could likely help.

@LegacyLazer - Chime in if this is something in your wheelhouse.

I sure can Butโ€ฆ Im on the west coast in Tampa area

I will reach out to Chris.
Thank You,

I reached out to you on your website.

I just started watching the reverse method with a laser insert. it looks simple with out the burn method but i also thought the forward method looked easy and two rolls of tape later I stopped stepped back 5 and called it a day. I will see , I still reached out to Chris to see what he says.

Thanks for all the information.

I just wanted to say thank you for the suggestion on reverse mirror alignment. I watched a lot of videos and found this product I ordered it. American photonics
What i tried to do with the burn method never worked for me after receiving this item It was aligned in about 20mins. Again Thank you for the information.