Looking for some set up assistance

I purchased a cohesion 3d board, lightburn and the lightburn camera for my K40 a little over a month ago and just now have had the opportunity to get things set up. The first thing I noticed is that I’m loosing about an inch at my origin (front left) on my Y axis. Ultimately, no matter what I do in the software, change bed size and so forth, it just will not go there. In a 10" x 13" bed size every inch counts. If I manually pull the gantry forward then from that point on I can use the area, but once it’s homed it will not go there any more. I ultimately opted to loose the inch and move on with my camera set up.

I set up the camera at least 10 different times yesterday and still couldn’t get things straight. I think I finally fixed the fish eye issue but alignment is still off. Again, it’s Y axis related. Each time I move to a point in the overlay the actual burn is about an inch too high. Adjusting the overlay size and position has no effect, the burn is still in the exact same place.

Any help with this Y axis issue would be greatly appreciated. I am still running the default Smoothie on the board. The main purpose of this machine is engraving so would it fix my issues if I switched the board to GRBL? Thanks

When your laser head moves to the origin at the front left, does your position in lightburn read 0,0? You may have to tweak the size of your bed under devices. I found by jogging that my workable area was actually 320 x 230(after removing that rubber hose on the smooth rod). I would also change the dimensions in the config.txt file if you go that route so that everything matches.

Covered on the C3D Forum FAQ section here:

Will revisit after you fix Y size. Would help to see how you have the camera mounted also.

C3D should release a firmware update for Smoothie to be able to raster engrave faster, pretty soon.

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Thanks! I didn’t think to look at the C3D forums. I’ll do the changes listed there and then touch base back here.

The fix from C3D worked great and I have use of the full bed now.

As to the camera: I do believe that placement could be something of an issue. I think I need to build it a bracket and maybe move it in a little closer. But a did a number of test last night to just dig into it a little more. When I “frame” the piece for the calibration cut it is spot on but when it does the actual cut it moves the Y axis up a bit. Once done, If I bring it up as the overlay and position it on one of the bulls eyes and press the test button it is exactly 1/2" low on Y. But if I leave it alone, place some material, update the overlay, position and image and cut that way it is only off by around 1/8" (roughly) and that small amount could simple be camera mounting. I could just be overthinking this. Running multiple tests last night held this to be pretty constant.

Ok, I think I finally got it. Printed out a mount so that I could lower the camera a little and make sure that it is secure. Re-calibrated and was still off on the Y axis but this time I was able to adjust it and the second attempt was spot on.

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