Looks like I got a unsupported oddball - UMC4 YAG1

So I found a great deal on a LitLaser 60w MOPA galvo. Whole setup, 2 different rotaries, fume filter, etc.

But so far I’ve not been able to tell what kind of controller it’s running. Software that came with it is “Laser Studio Professional” which I cannot find anywhere but on the laser manufacturer’s website. Tried putting a Lightburn trial on there but doesn’t seem able to detect my Fiber at all. Would love to have Lightburn for both my machines as I already use it on my co2, but looks like I’m not supported.

Update: Found the existing driver identifies as UMC4 YAG1. With that I’ve found some compatible controllers via Google. Now, any idea if there’s a way to get Lightburn to work with a UMC4 YAG1 control card?

Unfortunately at this moment the best option would be a control card swap in order to get LightBurn working with your laser. We do have plans for expanding our controller compatibility but we don’t have a timeline for when this will be.

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Here is a video on swapping out the EZCad3 board and downgrading to an EZCad2 board that allows the use of Lightburn. It might help you decide if it’s the right course of action and if it’s even possible with your current machine.

Do you know who makes the MOPA laser source for your machine? Mine is JPT.

If possible, might post a couple of photos of the control board there is a chance someone could recognize it…

This is about the cost… Cloud Ray and the EZCad2 boards, one supports a third axes (rotary or?)

Good luck


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The UMC4 board if its the same as the board I have for my one machine uses the software MarkingMate. Give that a look, I can send a link to software if needed.