Looks like monport GRBL board from amazon but steppers make noise but not move

Hi I purchased a GRBL board from Amazon Amazon.co.uk but not working
it looks the same as the Monport Board but not working steppers are just sitting there not moving
when I try to home the machine.
The device was found in Lightburn fine I had to change the bed size from 500x500 but it is not moving making a whining noise from the motor.
Please help :slight_smile:

Have you configured all the GRBL parameters to match the previous values for your machine?

The default settings definitely will not match your hardware, so it’s not surprising it doesn’t work out of the box.

Hi Ednisley,
Thanks for your reply I have no pre-setting for the old board as that did not work with light burn where do I get the settings is it something I have to put into Lightburn or do settings I have to update the Board itself so sorry I’m new to this stuff is there someplace I can find these settings.

Thank you

Although the old controller didn’t work with LightBurn, presumably you were using it with a program that let you see & change its settings. You can (almost certainly) connect the old controller to the power supply and the PC to extract them, without hitching up everything else; even if it’s not happy about being pithed, it should still respond.

Deploy good old pencil & paper, copy the settings from the old controller, fire up the new controller, and type 'em in. The settings will surely have slightly different names, but some time spent with the GRBL settings should help you figure out what’s going on.

This effort won’t be wasted, because you must know what’s going on under the hood to understand how the machinery does what it does and how to tweak the settings for better results.

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Thank you again for the help but the only settings i can find is from k40 whisper

And i dont think that helps any

I will keep looking tonight and if nothing ill scrap this idea

And go with a board that’ has some support i was trying to save a little money as im recovering from broken neck
And took it up as a hobby funds are a little tight from not being paid while off work for 14months.

But back now and all is looking up for the future.

Anyway thank you for the help and info you have given me i will work it out from here and if i cant ill save for a board that has some support if i have problems with new one.

Thank so so much Ednisley

Kev :slight_smile:

When i purchased my second board for diode laser, I have to do the same as described above.
What is your other board? Probably someone can point you the right way to get the old settings. Then using lightburn “machine settings” you can write them on this new one.

Well, it gives you the X and Y sizes, but the useful information tapers off pretty quickly after that.

Perhaps there’s another program shipped with the K40 revealing more detail. Alas, not having any direct experience with that setup, I’m not much use.

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