Loose Power Connection to Laser ORTUR V2

So, I have figured out the problem, but don’t know the solution and was wondering if anyone had any ideas.

My laser intermittently was turning off, but the machine motors were still running fine. The culprit is a loose connection to the OLMP-V1.2B board connected to the X-axis motor. If I put pressure on the connector with 4 wires, the laser immediately turns back on.

I’m not sure what happened and why it’s loose. Does anyone know where I could order just that part, or should I try soldering the cable on? Has anyone had this issue before? I can’t seem to find ANYONE having this problem.

let’s call @OrturTech :wink:

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Get in touch with us @ https://ortur.tech/support
To expedite if you can - because we will ask - can you add image of the part you think is faulty + replicate this image on your machine please

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