Loosing the update overlay button

The update overlay button keeps turning grey and I need to choose from the camera drop down menu “none” then choose lightburn camera to get it back. It does this often while I am working on a design. It seems that it started happening since the last update. Anyone else experiencing this or know how to to repair this?

Can no one help with this issue, or didn’t I explain it well enough. I am loosing control of the lightburn camera since the last update. It seems I need to restart the camera every time I want to update the image. Trying to determine if the camera is going bad or there another issue

This generally indicates a flaky USB connection pushing the whole camera interface over the edge of madness.

I had a perfectly serviceable camera that worked fine for a year, then started misbehaving for no obvious reason. After working around the problem for far too long, I swapped the camera cable for an identical cable from a different camera and it’s been working fine ever since.

So, by and large, you won’t go too far wrong by assuming the worst of the cables & connectors between the camera and the PC.

You can also try to change this option here and test if the other one works better…

I have a lilghtburn camera what type of connector is on the camera end of the cable (what is it called)

My camera has a completely nonstandard USB cable with a tiny JST connector plugged into the camera. The only reason I had a spare cable was I had two different cameras with the same connector:

I think it’s a JST XH 1.5 mm connector, but I haven’t matched its measurements to the description.

I’m willing to believe when the camera gets flaky in another year, swapping the original cable back will solve the problem. :person_shrugging:

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