Loss of camera settings since update

i run two different controllers and when i change from one to the other in i lose ALL camera settings and have to go through calibration and alignment every time. only happened since latest update
any help please

Camera settings are stored with each device profile. It’s expected that each device will have its own camera. You’re saying you have to redo this every time you switch?

Hi I only have one camera that I use only on my grbl, I set it up correctly and it works fine, then when I switch to my rudia controller do some work and then switch back to grbl all the camera settings are out and I have to re calibrate and alignment before I can use it. I have tried saving them but it makes no difference.

What do you mean by “the camera settings are out” - They’re gone? or they’re wrong?

just all the settings are off, almost like i have changed cameras. I have now found a work around, if i change the default controller to the GRBL, then close program and restart the camera is fine, so just need it to be kept as GRBL default.

Camera information is stored per laser profile. If you have two profiles, you’d need to copy the camera settings from the one you calibrated the camera with into the other one.

You said you had two different controllers - If you have two physical lasers, the assumption is that each machine will have a camera installed permanently, so they’d have their own calibration and alignment info stored with them.

If you are in the GRBL profile, right click in the camera control window and you can export the camera info. Switch to a different device profile and right-click the camera window to import that saved calibration info into the other profile, assuming you’re using the same camera.

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