Loss of power after engraving, power comes back when changing power setting

I have a weird problem. Sometimes my fiber laser doesn’t give the maximum power without changing settings or material. When I stop the engraving and change the power output 1% higher or lower, the full power comes back. Sometimes for a couple of engravings. But sometimes I have to do this every new engraving. This takes a lot of extra work.

Does anyone else had this same problem?

Sounds familiar.

Let us ask @johnjohn about this … My assumption is, it’s a Raycus source?

Please post the Lightburn version you’re using …


I have a Raycus laser indeed and using Lightburn 1.4.00

I think the thread is in the glavo beta group, you might not be able to read it…

I was hoping that @JohnJohn would have showed up to gives us an idea of what is happening…

Give him some time… I don’t know what to tell you…


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Do you have the full model number, the spec sheet and the set up files that came with your engraver?

We have about 3 or 4 forum members with QS30 type lasers who reported similar behavior and it’s currently unresolved.

Most of the time, I can point to settings that seem problematic but I don’t have hard evidence to show that something is incorrect. I need the setup files that came with the laser to confirm that it’s not an issue with settings.

If you have them and if you’re willing to share, I’d be happy to download them from Dropbox or google drive etc and take a look.

Thanks for helping me. Interesting to hear that people with the similar machine also have this issue.

This is the information that I found on the side of the machine:

Device name: LiteMarker Marking Machine
Device model: CLM30F

I don’t have any setup files. I think I followed an tutorial from lasereverything to setup the machine. Is it usefull to share some Lightburn settings/screenshots? If so, what do you need and where can I find it?

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