Lost a project, how to recover?

So I made a whole file for a project and then I saved it before deleting most of it to do a test run on one piece, after I did that I closed the program and when I clicked the original file I had saved then it had saved as the one piece. Why and how do I recover the original?

Hi Adam, you could try in ‘files’ top left of Lightburn and look in ‘recent projects’.
Hopefully it’s there.

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It saves when you tell it to.

If you attempt to exit and it hasn’t been saved then it will query you to save the file or exit without saving.

If you used the same file name, it’s probably history.

I’ve learned it take a few mouse clicks but I can save it, then ‘save as’ with a ‘test’ name or something. That new name will be ‘edit’ file name.

Good luck.


The backup file is based on the name of the project. It is deleted when the program terminates and only exists if the program or machine go down unexpectedly.

The backup will not change the previously ‘saved’ version. It’s only use is when it goes down unexpectedly that lightburn can provide some kind of recovery.

I have a project called ‘donald’ (it’s the duck) on my machine when lightburn is running I can find donald_backup.lbrn2, in the current working directory. When I save it, it’s donald.lbrn2.

When I exit the program the backup is deleted. If you have modified the project it will query you to save or not. If you don’t save it the project file is not changed.

It must handle it properly since I do a ‘save as’ and I don’t find backup files littered all over the machine.

How autosave works


I don’t think so. Autosave is for the backup function. It will not write over the project file.


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