Lost camera settings

Is there an obvious reason why after using for about 6 months i have had “use the camera alignment wizard to compute the projection first” message appear when i want to use the camera? its always worked perfectly and today wont show my bed unless i go thgrough the tedious alignment thing again with the dots. i had it dialled in perfectly. I also got the pop up asking me to connect my machine so the software could find the controller. it is as if my settings were lost. All my previous projects are there and working and so is my cut library. Any ideas how to recover my camera settings?

It sounds like the device part was dropped. Did you deactivate the license on your machine or anything? If you have a DSP controller, and downgraded the license to a gcode-only, it could cause the software not to recognize your DSP controller and drop the settings associated with it.

i didnt actually do anything other than turn everything on as usual. i have gone through the alignment thing now so no harm done. thanks for the quick reply though.

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