Lost Grid on main page only a gray color square now

No grid lines on main page just a gray square now also when I import an image now it is so small unable to really see it running windows 10 any suggestions would be appreciated

Does it look like this?

If so, you have control. Click the ‘Gears’ icon near the top-center to expose the ‘Settings’ window. Then check what you have set for the ‘Grid Contrast’.

Did you set your page size really huge? In Edit > Device Settings, what is the size of the work area you have set? If you made that really large, it would make the default grid lines really close together, and might look like just a gray shaded rectangle in the middle, and it would also explain why imported images look really small.

set the work area 4 inches x 4 inches still no grid lines

tried all the contrast settings still no mgrid

Run LightBurn, then go to Help > Generate Support Data. Paste it here in a reply. It’ll look like random garbage to you, but we can decrypt it and have a look at your settings from here.

I resolved the issue, Thanks for your help I really appreciate it

Please share what you did, so others might benefit from your learning. Thanks. :slight_smile:

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