Lost my control panel on right side of screen can't figure out how to restore

tried to reboot. have looked for a control command don’t know how I lost it. trying to go through tutorials need help -Jeff

Hi, if you mean the lightburn panels on the right of the pc screen, go to the 'window; tab at top of the screen select ‘reset to default layout’ or select the individual parts you want showing on the screen.

thanks Chris but under the window tab that command is not there in my trial version - Jeff

ok I brought them in individually THANK YOU -Jeff

Hi Jeff, in the ‘window’ drop-down menu do you have a list i.e, ‘cuts/layers’ ‘arrange’ ‘laser’ etc?
I believe the ‘trial’ version is the ‘full’ version just time limited.
If there isn’t a list under the ‘window’ tab you could try re-installing Lightburn.

HI, just seen your update, glad you’ve sorted it. :+1:

Glad to hear you got this sorted. For others that may wonder by, the following member created video shows how you can arrange the layout to best fit your workflow. And as Chris points out, you can always go back, using the default layout.

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