Lost projects, broken files, need urgently help


I need urgently help

I have just lost my projects!!!

When i open projects they are empty or there is a part of if with error “unexpected” like in attached screenshot.

When i have view from folder, there is everything visible on mini preview and also files have correct weight like there is something written on it.

Can You please help? Don’t know what to do!

Attached example of file. Can someone open it?

Skrzynki Ślubne v4.lbrn2 (641.8 KB)
Robocze 1.lbrn2 (656.4 KB)


These files are corrupted, yes. I am looking into the construction now. Please explain how you generated each of these and what you were doing when you last saved these. Where do you save these? Local drive or cloud / remote storage?

The Robocze 1.lbrn2 file has some content, but corrupted in some spots, producing the message “(line 174?)”. The contents of the Skrzynki Ślubne v4.lbrn2 file does not look to be a LightBurn file. Please tell us as much as you can about this file. How was it generated, what is in it (vector art, raster/bitmap images, both)?

As you gather further information to share with us, I will continue to investigate… :slight_smile:

These were my own projects, all had vector graphic.
I use tripple security for saving files - Computer SSD + One Drive + external SSD that made copy of my files from SSD.
All 3 sources are corrupted.

What weird happened? Hmmm. During making other project some of LB art library went corrupted. I had to delete this library and make new again.
LB was busy all the time and not responding when i was trying to open grapics library.
I think (but i am not sure) that some of these project had graphics from this art library. But it’s shouldn’t be related.
There is nothing else that comes to my mind.
Don’t worry about these files. I’ve already made new projects.
We need to investigate to avoid further situations.

Also that’s weird that i can still see complete project in my folder when i turn big windows.
Like LB can generate small graphic on overview, but cannot load complete project.

Skrzynki Ślubne v4 were created yesterday and were not edited. I could open and work on it till art library crashed. After that it’s empty.

It looks like you reached out via Facebook, our email support system as well as posting here for answers. Please don’t do that. When needing answers quickly, directly from us, the developers of LightBurn, it is best to post here or email support. Doing all will not get you faster service.


Didn’t knowed that all worked together :slight_smile:
Thought that email is official, but forum/facebook is like other users support.
To avoid SPAM, please let me know where we can stay? FB, email or this topic on forum?

Email and Forum are direct contact points for us.

We monitor and try to offer what we can on the other socials, but official support is Forum or via email.

So if possible, please keep this conversation on forum, ok? :slight_smile:

We have no plan to delete or remove this post at this time.

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