Lost some of my library settings

Hi everyone. Sorry if i placed this in the wrong section.

Yesterday, I recieved my Aeon Fiber Laser ST50J. I was playing with some materials I had, and as I was testing and testing. I’d save the settings where I thought were good, in the library. Came back today and everything I had saved from yesterday is gone.

Would anyone know what I could do to retrieve all that that was lost?

Do you potentially have two lasers? LightBurn can load distinct material libraries on a per device basis. Is it possible that you’re looking at the library for another laser?

Failing that, try locating the .clb file representing the library in File Explorer. Then try reloading the file for the library.

Thanks for the reply. I tried locating the .clb file but it only found one. I do have to lasers, but I’ve tried with each laser connected and nothing. Also, whenever I switch between lasers my screen goes crazy and moves everything around even if I keep them both the same way. Is that something that can be fixed?

If the origin is not the same it can flip the artwork around.

You need to set the machine (device), then open the project…

What version are you running?


I am currently running the latest version of Lightburn, 1.4.03

Are the positions of the windows suppose to change every time I switch lasers? Such as the Cut/Layers, Laser, Art Library, etc.

When folks lose part of their files, it’s often a remote, removable, external, or shared/cloud directory. We have not been able to replicate the problem.

In Windows Explorer, please open the directory where your Art Library is saved and click once on the address bar to reveal and select the complete directory address. OneDrive can be one of these shared folders and Microsoft seems to have made the ‘sharing’ features more pervasive.

If you’re willing and interested, feel free to copy the selected complete directory path and paste it into a reply here if you’d like us to review it.

C:\Users\Mimi\OneDrive - Sea Life Marine Co\LASER\Data\Nova 14 Material Library

Is this what you needed?

Perfect, yes. Exactly that.

If you move your Library or save your Library to a directory that is below the directory OneDrive it should stop losing settings.

Often the file damage is permanent but moving the library should prevent further losses.

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