Loud Noise on Start

Used the laser without issue this afternoon, shut it down to eat dinner and when I started the machine, it gives a really loud noise as if it doesn’t know the X limit/location. When this happens, the controller says it’s resetting… no idea what changed…

Sounds like you might have bumped the X limit sensor, perhaps? It’s a red / orange boxy thing, usually on the right side of the X rail, and there’s a metal plate that passes over it. If it’s too far from the plate, it won’t detect it, and will grind as it tries to find it.

  • Hit Esc on the laser panel to cancel the homing procedure
  • Press Z/U on the laser panel to enter the menu
  • Go to ‘Diagnoses’ and click enter

This screen on the controller shows the state of all the sensors and inputs. You should be able to see here if the “X Limit -” switch is working. You can also see the red light on the limit switch itself when it’s triggered.

For anyone else who might encounter this issue… I replaced the X sensor which was attached to the left side of the rail… everything works perfectly now.

Thanks for the advice everyone, I appreciate the help! :+1:t2:

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