Love lightburn, cant install on 32 bit, missing dll etc errors, works great on 64bit

love this software, works great on my 64 bit pcs, but most of the laptops I use for my laser machines are 32 bit windows. I have tried reloading windows, downloading visual studio 10, 12, 13, 15 etc, but it always say missing vcruntime140.dll etc,
I have searched online, followed many “fixes”, nothing works, please help.

I was hoping to use this software on all my machines to “standardize” the program my employees use because at the moment each machine has different software,.

all my machines work on lightburn running on my 64bit laptop, but none of my 32 bit bones. (xp, win 7 or win 10)

You specifically need to install the item linked here:

I am not aware of a case yet where that has not fixed the issue.

If you still have issues please do let us know.

Make sure you download the 32 bit version as that link has both versions.

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Yes, 32 bit means “x86” version.

thanks, so after doing that the error changed to
“the procedure entry point cancelIoEx could not be located in dynamic link library KERNELL32.DLL”

That means you’re trying to install on XP, which isn’t supported. LightBurn requires a minimum of Windows 7.

awesome, thanks, upgrading to win 10, then reloading the rundll thingy fixed it. thanks for all your help.

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