Lovin' Every Minute of It

Hi All,

Newbie here.
I have had the Shapeoko 3 XXL a few years now. Added a water-cooled spindle several months ago. Recently my wife started trying wood burning with stencils and paste. It left a lot to be desired, so, I saw an opportunity and made the suggestion that we add a Laser to the cnc. She agreed and I ordered a J-tech 7-watt Pro with mount. (of course, now I wish I had gone bigger) anyhow, I downloaded and tried out Lightburn a couple of weeks ago and found the program very useful. Went ahead and purchased the license. It is a bit to learn and will take me some time to become proficient with it but for now, I am able to import, trace and add features to projects in a somewhat suitable manner.
For my “first project” I was asked to make winner’s plaques for our annual family Cribbage Tournament.
The image was downloaded and imported and traced in LB. The type was created in LB. The wood is 7.375" x 7.375" Aspen. Running at 75-IPM and 80% power.

I am sure I will have questions and need help along the way.