Low output on diode laser

I am a new user of lightburn and I am still learning to use the software. I am wondering if there is a way to lock the laser power output during cutting, except disabling “Laser Mode”? The reason for this is that I feel that lightburn lowers the laser power the slower I cut, which I guess makes sense when using a powerful CO2 laser but when using a diode laser this makes less sense, since you have to cut quite slow anyway. If this is not possible is there a way to monitor the actual power sent to the laser at any given time? so that I can find the sweet spot where I can cut as slow as possible while still maintaining as high power output as possible?

I found the GRBL-M3 option that might work for me. :slight_smile: But I would still like to have a way to monitor the power sent to the laser.

Your feelings aren’t matched by reality.

Lightburn does what you tell it - it creates series of gcodes that are fed to the laser, one command at a time. The commands are locked in at the point you press ‘send’ - nothing changes past that point, even if it takes hours to process the commands.

it doesn’t arbitrarily lower power and certainly doesn’t lower power as you use lower speeds - that would be a function of the controller, if such a criteria was implemented.

You may be confusing a specific brand of DSP controller that has a correlation between low speed and power, but as you’re not using one of those, is irrelevant.

If you look at the gcode it will tell you exactly what power is being requested at every point in the process. Depending on the controller and firmware, it may be possible to monitor pwm level, but I suspect that may be too advanced for you.

I think you misunderstand me. I know that Light burn does not change setting on the fly, its all in the gcode. What I would like to do is to disable the ramping of output power that Light burn ads to the gcode. Using the GRBL-M3 device does this so that is sorted. I am already monitoring output PWM with my oscilloscope (so no reason to be condescending) but doing this in Light burn by reading the Gcode in realtime would be easier.

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