LS6090 PRO Laser and Lightburn

I’ve been asked by the teachers I work for to look into upgrading our laser cutter to Lightburn. Before I start looking into this, I just wanted to check if it is compatible with our HPC Laser LS6090 PRO Laser. If you have this laser cutter, or any of the other HPC lasers, would you recommend the upgrade and how long did it take before your laser cutter was back up and working?

I think they use a Leetro controller and Lasercut - so no.

But you can use it to do the design, layering, etc. and just use Lasercut to process the vector.

Or, upgrade the controller to a RuiDa or TopWisdom.

More recent versions of these machines are shipping with Ruida controllers. If the laser you have uses RDWorks instead of LaserCut then the transition should be just a matter of installing and running the software.

If the machine is an older one using a Leetro controller, you would need to change the controller for one that is supported for LightBurn to be able to drive it.

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