M03 & M05 during transfer

I’m using CNC Shield V3 as i’m using D11 for PWM control and D13 for laser power on/off as I’m utilizing A3 to control air assist relay.
Is there any way to keep D13 always on while machine move from layer to layer ?

For example i’m doing Engraving for specific shape using black layer and doing cutting for another shape in the same program using blu layer . after first shape is finished The program will turn of the laser via M05 and move to the second shape then the laser turn on via M03.

So I want to keep the laser on during moving from shape to another have different layer

I don’t understand why you want this - the word soup in the first paragraph doesn’t mean anything to me.

LightBurn sends M03 / M05 commands because those are what controls the laser output for GRBL, and M8 / M9 are used to turn on/off coolant mist, which is standard for air assist.

Leaving the laser on between layers will leave lines between them - why would you want this?

When Using D13 the laser main power will switch on/off during transfer from path to another specially when i do text engraving.
As this not recommended for the drive board
I need D13 always on and power off/on laser beam from D11
Or find other way to power on/off laser drive board at the start and end of the program

I can’t just leave the beam enable on - that’s really dangerous. You still haven’t described why you need that pin enabled between layers when the beam is supposed to be off anyway.

Ok let’s say i need to make the machine main power (220VAC) to power off after the machine finish the job.

The machine Main power connected to relay connect to can control from CNC shield and power on at start on/off at start/end of the job
So is there any command i can use it?

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