M2 Nano to Cohesion3D controller Board

I have just received Cohesion3d board to replace existing M2 Nano Controller Board, on inspection of the stepper motor pins on the Nano Board, i see that the X axis header has no cable attached, i pealed back the protective wrapping and it looks like Y cable has been folded back (assumption on my part !) would have to do a bit of a de-construct to prove this…should i be worried about this and just plug in the Y axis only to the new Cohesion3D Board

Kind regards Trevor in Trafalgar Vic…

Can I assume this means this is not a working unit? As in both the K40 and C3D are new?

Can you elaborate on this? I don’t understand what you mean by this or the implication.

You would need both for your laser to work with C3D unless I’m missing something.

I assume the X cable fell out during shipping, can you trace it back from the motor?

My 12month old K40 was working ok, until a month ago, then Whisperer stopped talking to the K40, i decided to get a Cohesion3d cont. board and LightBurn Software.---------Regarding the old M2Nano which was working, with only the Y lead connected, as shown in the previous pic… ---------About peel back protective covering, Picture attached should explain, will have to dis-assemble stuff in the cutting bay to discover the rest of the cable.

So to recap, the Nano system was working, with only the Y axis connected (This seems strange), with the new Cohesion3D set up, should i be looking for the missing X stepper cable ?
--------------I will trace back to the Y stepper motor and let u know…

Looking at the board more carefully it looks like the ribbon cable might be used at least partially for the X-Motor.

This type of configuration is described in the C3D installation guide:
K40 with M2Nano Cohesion3D LaserBoard Installation Guide - Cohesion3D

Regarding my issue with the fold back of the Y stepper cable i was able to find that it was just the shortening of the cable.
I agree with u re the Y axis and Ribbon cable configuration mentioned in "Here is another possible wiring configuration of the K40. I refer to this one as the “Ribbon Cable + Screw Terminal Power Supply” Variant. So can i presume to connect ribbon and Y axis plug as shown in …
k40 cohesion3d board Ribbon cable and Y axis plug Thanks Trevor

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