M50 laser module PCB

Hi all,

Can someone address me where I can by Atomstack A10 pro Module M50 PCB, I just need PCB.

I can not find on official AtomStack website as spare parts…just full module M50 .

Does anyone have spare one to sell?

I haven’t seen any of these that are considered user serviceable, at least internally… My guess is internal parts for these aren’t available on the general market.

You might hunt around on other sites to see if anyone has fixed one of these. I think you’re best chances are fixing it yourself…

I don’t know, but I’d guess that only the factory could really help you with these kind of replacement part, possibly the vendor. Usually a vendor doesn’t have these kinds of parts available for them or the general public.

Unless it’s under some kind of warranty, I think you’ll probably have to either fix it yourself or buy a whole new module…

How did you determine that board is non functional?

Good luck