Mac 2014 issue - ?lightburn software related

Hi there, I am hoping you can help. I have an HPC 3060 on a ruida controller, running off lighburn on my 2014 Macbook air, connected via USB cable. I have recently had to speak to HPC engineers (over the phone) as my laser suddenly stopped working( movement on Y axis was 1/4 of the distance it should have travelled. and the laser was having difficulty finding home) During the phone call, I updated my computer to macOS Catalina (Version 10.16.7) and then the laser became unable to find the mac when opening machine settings. I then connected a different Macbook air and the laser worked normally. Unfortunately, I can’t use the newer laptop in the workshop as its used to design products in another venue (all designs are saved on the cloud so I can open them on my laser laptop)

I called a Mac engineer and talked them through the situation and they said it was likely to be a lightburn software issue on the original mac and that it wasnt a case of needing to buy a new laptop to use with the laser or remove any extraneous applications etc.

I am using Lighburn 1.2.04 on my 2014 laptop, (and lightburn 1.4.05 on the newer one that I use for designing). I imagine its a case of installing the latest lightburn on the 2014 mac, but I had held off up until now as didn’t want to risk teh old laptop not coping,.

I’d be really grateful if you could shed any further light on this and what I need to do to get the 2014 laptop working with my laser. Many thanks, Annie

Do your laser have an Ethernet port? First try it.

Second rename the folders where you have files settings projects, so upon new installation you keep your things.
Third reinstall drivers and Lightburn.