Mac OS - Framing a Print with Laser?

Hey all,

This is probably something simple that I’m missing. I’ve been using Lightburn on my PC for about a year now without issues, but do to PC issues I am needing to use my Mac laptop now. I have LB installed and it does print fine, but I have 2 minor issues that I can’t figure out.

  1. I can’t see the option to allow the laser to fire at a low level so I can make sure it’s still focused.

  2. I’m used to hold down Shift while pressing the Frame button in Windows, but doing the same thing (also tried fn, control, option and command) doesn’t do anything.

A FYI, I don’t have the latest version yet as I need to renew still.

Thanks for any help!

You may not have enabled this on the Mac version you just installed. Once enabled, holding the Shift while Frame should work as you remember.

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Awesome, thanks for the quick help!

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