Mac OS Sierra can't update the latest

Hi I have an old iMac and can’t update my OS any higher than Sierra, Since I only use it to basically run Lightburn not sure if I really need to update a new mac. Having said that I can’t get the latest Lightburn update. Does this mean It isn’t worth getting the annual update? I’m already paid for this year and have over 280ish days left. Thanks.

What do you mean by “can’t get the latest update”? It won’t download? It won’t install? You can’t reach your mouse to click the download button? “I can’t” doesn’t say anything about what the problem is.

Sorry to be unclear. When I try to install the latest Lightburn version, it says it can not install because it needs a newer version of Mac OS than my current version of Mac OS Sierra.

Which version of Sierra? LightBurn requires MacOS 10.11 or later.

Have you been able to install and run LightBurn on that system previously?

Really? Weird I have 10.12 but gave me an unable to install message. I will retry when I am back in front of the computer. Thank you.

You may have gotten a message that informs you that LightBurn is an Unknown Developer, as we identify in our documentation for installing LightBurn.

Installing on the Mac is simple, but requires you tell MacOS that you trust us. LightBurn is digitally signed, but Apple has added a new process called ‘Notarization’ that we have not completed yet. - Installing Lightburn - LightBurn Software Documentation

Follow that to complete the install. :slight_smile: Could this be what you are seeing?

Good Grief, Thanks. Dunno what happen last time I tried to update but went without a hitch. Thanks.

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