MAC Panning Option

PLEASE make an option for us Mac users to be able to pan using the trackpad somehow!!! Please!!!

If the selected object is dragged outside the view panel of the workspace, an auto-pan is triggered. You can also use the ‘Space bar’ to change from the mouse cursor to a handimagefor Panning. Zooming, Panning, Selection - LightBurn Software Documentation

Unfortunately the space bar does not work with the trackpad on a Mac

I use it many times a day. Which version of macOS are you using on what hardware?

Forgive me, but I have to add some support for the OP. Yes, the Space Bar does work, but it’s sometimes a little slow to trigger and sensitive to touching the trackpad. Depending on what you are doing and which tool is selected, the cursor also doesn’t always change to the hand icon. It’s the one thing about the LightBurn GUI which I consistently get wrong. The way I’ve found to make it work reliably is to take your hand completely off the trackpad, then press space, then put your hand back on again. Even then I miss it some of the time and end up losing my selection or selecting something else by mistake.

It would be much appreciated if LightBurn could use the Mac standards. My preference would be two-finger dragging on the trackpad should scroll/pan instead of being repurposed for zoom, and zoom should be the expand/close gestures. My muscle memory does that in all apps and assumes it works. It does get a bit confusing switching between apps that use the standard gestures for pan and zoom, such as Affinity Designer, Inkscape, Safari, Word, Excel etc etc and the one outlier, Lightburn, which doesn’t. :slight_smile:

I understand this is all very much a matter of opinion and custom, and some folks wouldn’t want the change, I also understand that these may not be the standard gestures on a Windows machine (?), but perhaps the Mac standard gestures could be a user option in a future version?

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Yes please, and the possiblity to pan using the right button on the magic mouse, please !

Omg yes I agree!!My muscle memory scrolls with two fingers every time expecting it to pan around and it zooms and zooms out then I have to click the selection it’s really hard to get used to and it’s frustrating

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