Mac Pro 2,1 32gb ram dual 2.66 gHz quad core Xeon cpu, ATI Radeon 5670? Video card, El Capitan OSX 10.11.6 : LightBurn crashes when trying to trace the JPG Image

My system works good, until I try to trace the JPG prior to burning the design. Then it crashes. I am using the latest 9.20 version of LightBurn, and I also tried 9.18 version with same results. Is LightBurn able to run on this system? Could it be that El Capitan is too old an OSX? I had originally tried it on a 2010 iMac 27" and it worked great, but I installed a legacy Java runtime module to use Adobe Illustrator, and now the screen blanks all the time. I will have to redo the iMac to get rid of the Java.
Anyway, anyone have a clue as to why the Mac Pro crashes LightBurn when I try to trace the drawing. Also, when the camera window is open it isn’t inside the menu of the small preview area, with cuts, etc. It seems to be an independent window. Thanks

What jpg are you trying to trace? LightBurn should run fine on 10.11 - that’s our minimum spec.

i was trying to trace a line art Native American tribal design which is like those armband tatoos. I tried another jpg also and it crashed too. I am not sure why. Shouold 9.20 run well? My Mac Pro is a 2006, upgraded to 2,1 specs and has a 32bit boot loader that will allow it to boot a 64 bit OSX. Otherwise I would be stuck with OSX Lion on this machine. I think it is SFOTT 64x32 boot.efi on it.
The other jpg i tried, I had imported, just like the tribal armband jpg, and it crashed too. Do you need more info on my system?

Here is the jpg i tried to trace.

This is interesting because I’ve been having problem’s also since I installed my camera with LightBurn crashing. I us a MacBook Air 2020 version. Never had problems with LightBurn until I installed the camera.

There’s nothing about this image that should be an issue with tracing. It’s possible that the tracing library we use contains code that uses hardware features not available on the older Mac, but that’s about all I can think of.

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