Mac Reboot after usb connection

I don’t know if is a problem of LightBurn. I have a trial version before buy i wanna test.
Have a big problem: every time i connect physically the usb cable my Macbook pro 2011 died. I have only a message of reboot on “the system has detected an error”.

What can I do??

Thank u all

(add: have an Atomstack A5 20W :slight_smile: )

It sounds like a faulty USB connection when the computer shuts down. Have you tried with another usb cable, maybe you are lucky and it is “only” a bad connector.

Yes, I used 3 different cables. Some results. :frowning:
Tomorrow i can test with different computer (with Win10).

Beyond the cable, what could it be? Burnt card?
Software? : \

Sorry for the questions but I’m a nervous thread for the situation

Have you tried another USB port? Does the same thing occur? Is LightBurn running when this occurs? If so, what happens if LightBurn isn’t running?

Do you have a problem with other USB devices?

It’s pretty surprising you’d get a reboot by plugging in. Testing this on the other computer will be a good test to determine if the problem is potentially on the laser side or the computer side.

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Hope this isn’t it, but I’ve seen the power supply faulty in a small grbl machine that caused the ‘ground’ to be a higher voltage and it would take the pc down when you plugged it in the usb…


As @jkwilborn writes, it could be your laser power suppl, computers do not like too high a voltage at the power supply inputs. But if it is a standard 12V supply on your laser, then they are not expensive or you have a spare one that you can test with. (be aware that the amperage value is high enough in the new or your test power supply)

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