MacBook Air USB trouble

I was given the Falcon 10W laser engraver as a gift and I am having a tremendous amount of trouble getting my computer to recognize or talk at all to the laser. I am using a MacBook Air with the M1 chip and an external usb hub to connect my usb to the engraver. I’ve tried:
Different manufacturers of the same combinations above. The engraver only beeps nonstop and never recognizes the engraver. I’ve installed and removed the software and updated to new versions.
I feel like I have tried every recommended fix I could possibly find, both on the internet at large, and within the forums on this website. I’ve reached the point of defeat and and I’m reaching out in an attempt to find another way to use the engraver. My only other trouble is that I’m pretty computer illiterate and I don’t know how to even transfer files to the tiny jump drive that comes with the kit. I can open the disk on my computer and see the complimentary file that was given as a test piece (the eagle cutout) and it works fine when I isolate its use to the engraver only. I have a few questions regarding its use though.

  1. The file contains the manufacturer’s software for download as well as a few other files. How does the engraver know which you want to engrave or cutout?
  2. Do I need to remove the test file and add the ones I’m trying to create for myself?
  3. Can I leave all the current files on the card and simply add mine? And if so, how do I tell the engraver to choose that specific file?

Im at a loss for using the engraver and any help moving forward would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you in advance for any and all help!

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